ABOUT TARA + the Studio


Your wedding day will be so much more than a simple celebration.

It will be a gathering of the most important people in your life, a celebration of family legacy, and a reflection of the things that matter most to you and your partner.

Your wedding will be history in the making, full of all the love, beauty, and grace that has brought you to this moment. The photographs of your romantic day should be just as evocative.


…love, beauty, and grace has brought you to this moment…

I’m an observer and a feeler. I love to quietly watch and listen to pick up on what makes a couple unique.

Heirloom Quality Images

Every single love story is unique and it’s my honor to capture and curate your story with the utmost care. I walk into every wedding ceremony with curiosity and allow myself to discover the story being told there.

The result is heartfelt, timeless, and soulful imagery that outlasts trends and transcends “cute” and “Pinterest-worthy.”

These images are quite literally the creation of your family history, future heirlooms waiting to be discovered and pored over by your future relatives. As your children and their children sift through your photographs, they’ll witness your love and your connection just as strongly as if they had been there on your actual wedding day.



heartfelt, timeless, and soulful imagery that transcends


About Tara


I want to tell your true, honest, and beautiful story. I want to show the love, the loss, the beauty, and the pain you’ve endured to get to this moment in your life. I understand your refined taste and desire for true and timeless imagery, and it’s my heart to photograph your love story in a way that reflects these things. After all, photographs are artifacts of memory — able to transport us back in time and anchor us to moments we’ll never forget.
I still feel lucky that I get to wake up every day and call myself a wedding photographer. I feel truly blessed that my clients-turned-friends allow me to have such an intimate window into their most important relationships on one of the most important days of their lives.

Together, we’ll capture your family’s legacy.

things you
 should know
about me
  • I’m a total dog person but am currently in a long term relationship with my cat, Cali, who stole my heart 10 years ago.

  • I love TV and am obsessed with Game of Thrones, Barry, Schitt’s Creek, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Office, and Parks and Recreation

  • I can sing/rap every word to Hamilton. Feel free to put this one to the test during your engagement session!

  • I have yet to master the art of the thriving house plant. Please send halp, ASAP.

  • I love to dance and you’ll definitely catch me grooving on your wedding day! This is how I get some of my best reception shots!



unguarded, vulnerable moments for unforgettable, heirloom imagery